Aikyatha QUIZ is one of the best.

The questions are like what the UPSC asks.  I request you to provide more questions weekly.

I am feeling confident after solving the quizzes.

Rakesh Yadav
Rakesh Yadav

Its an awesome website for the aspirants preparing for UPSC.

The questions framed in the quiz are more or less similar to the UPSC paper


The Aikyatha Weekly Quiz is really helpful for my preparation

Sangeetha Selvakumar

Aikyatha Weekly Quiz is a very good initiative. Questions are equivalent to UPSC standard.

Chandan Raj

Keep it up!

No words for your service to all those who are preparing on their own

Indu Samhita
Indu Samhita

Sir, You are doing such a great job for us.

I just loved your daily Current affairs PDF and Weekly quiz.

Daily News Analysis you are covering--- almost all relevant topic and are of too good quality

Manish Saini

I'm a UPSC  aspirant and I found your Aikyatha MadeSimple initiative very very useful in my preparation.


Aikyatha Target 60 is awesomely unique concept and no doubt brilliantly planned.

All practice questions are of top notch quality and give realistic preview of the examination.


Downloaded MadeSimple and started reading it. Basically, its a great boon for me having all current affairs at one place . Since, I am a software professional , time is more precious.

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