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Very well set questions,especially from the UPSC perspective. These daily doses of questions can either help in revision of the current affairs or help us to look up for a detailed information in case we have missed out on any.

Good effort!


Its an awesome website for the aspirants preparing for UPSC. Its been marvellously developed for aspirants like us to follow daily routine time table. The questions framed in the quiz are more or less similar to the UPSC paper. I hope the team behind this will help aspirants to strive towards achievements of success.


The website is too good....material is also too good And the way u give timetable abt focus areas it is too good. Im eagerly  waiting for economy and environment part of revision. Im finding this easy to study

Anika Reddy

Hello aikyatha team,
Thank you for the initiative. This website is really helpful for UPSC preparation as the important topics are highlighted along with daily quizzes which helps the students to evaluate and analyse their performance. Thanks for all the guidance and motivation.

Supriya Mishra

Very user friendly and easily understandable which makes reading very effective. The daily quiz questions are framed on UPSC level and the score given with names really encourages one to get better marks. Overall Aikyatha is a dedicated online platform for Civil Service preparation which I would follow and would strongly recommend it to my friends too!


Hello sir,

You are doing such a great job for us. I just loved your daily current affairs PDF and Weekly quiz. Daily News Analysis you are covering--- almost all relevant topic nd are of too good quality...

Manish Saini

Have been exploring Aikyatha and finding it really helpful. It's unique features like Phone in, motivational write ups and videos are really worth visiting. Target 60 is a program which can help aspirants gain a competitive edge in their preparation. Overall, a comprehensive platform which is highly recommend.


Great job! I am very Impressed by the work you put into your website. Target 60 is awesomely unique concept and no doubt brilliantly planned, all practice questions are of top notch quality and give realistic preview of the examination. Good luck!!!


Downloaded MadeSimple and started reading it. Basically, its a great boon for me having all current affairs at one place . Since, I am a software professional , time is more precious.
However, I want to highlight one thing. My brain is flooded with current affairs and most of the topics in current affairs revolve around economy, polity and international affairs. So, I would request you to compile on similar manner on History and geography also please. We hardly find any magazine or news paper that throw insights on history and geography (within the syllabus).We have to rely on websites like Aikyatha etc., for that.

Venu Reddy
  • Murinder Nodi

    No quiz after November 24. Just why? come on guys we have UPSC 2017 to clear. Give us the quiz.

  • Sumanth MN

    sirjee when is the latest weekly quiz coming..

    when is the test series starting

    • Due to heavy smog at Delhi we are publishing this week’s quiz at 9pm.

    • Prelims Test series is starting in the first week of Jan. We’ll soon put up the schedule.

  • pritam

    I have following issues to highlight in 17 Oct test..

    1) Q#11 – option 1 – perhaps it happened for first time is not correct… such group has been formed for 3rd time … analysis says it clearly but answer option is not correct..

    2) Q#15 – option 1 – A hurricane is a form of subtropical cyclone or severe tropical storm- it is not subtropical but “tropical cyclone” … explanation is right… the option should be 2 only or question should be corrected in option 1

    • Both the issues you have raised are valid. We have rectified the same. Thanks for pointing out Pritam.

  • Avadhesh Singh

    Your weekly quiz is really GREAT. It helps me revisit all i read and good source for making notes and improving them.
    Please clarify on Your 11th question from 17-10 test.
    Thank You Aikyatha Team for your effort.

  • Lee Kuan Yew

    Please upload the quiz for 16 oct. Waiting for it.

    • Check it out!

    • From the next time, we’ll try to put it up Monday morning at 9 am sharp.
      We apologize for the delay this time

  • Yongneck

    The website is showing 404 error. Most of the time as i tried to proceed beyond home page. It would be nice if the site is up and running 24/7.

    • We’ll surely look into the issue. Thanks for pointing out.

  • Bharti Pandita

    Hi Team,
    At what time 9th October Quiz will be published. Eagerly waiting for it.

    Thank you so much.

    • Sorry for the delay Bharti. It’ll be out shortly.

      • No worries 🙂 I’ll wait 🙂 Thanks for the reply.

        • Its up. Kindly check.

          • Bharti Pandita

            attended and got very bad score 🙁 Need to improve a lot 🙁 🙁

          • Keep attending

        • Hope you attended the quiz

    • Chaitra

      Its up. Just checked!

  • santosh

    Good work ….You are doing awesome ..We can write essay anytime on it or as yours scheduled

    • Anytime!

      • santosh

        Thank you …

  • sachin

    hello aikyatha team.just came to know about your initiative.. things looks good for now but just one request please speed up the server.. it’s very slow in accessing your site…

    • Thanks Sachin.
      We are constantly involved in getting the website better. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  • Kindly let me know if the weekly quiz for the last week of September has been published or not. I am not able to find it
    Thanks a ton for your wonderful efforts.

    • It’s up. Kindly Check:
      Thanks 🙂

  • Prashanth naik

    Hello aikyatha, recently heard about your platform. I went through your site. Its really good. Your analysis of tests is very helpful, as i can keep track of my performance.

    • Thanks Prashanth. Keep in touch!

  • Ankit Rathor

    hello aikyatha team..ur test series and the way to clarify our doubts is awsome…

  • Kriti


    Can you please tell me if you are coming up with any Test series for Prelims 2017? I’m interested.

    Madesimple is awesome!

    • Thanks Kriti. Yes we are. Keep following.

  • srinivas

    Current affairs Madesimple program, can you highlight few important topics in it ?

    • aikyatha

      Sure Srinivas. We’ll highlight

      • srinivas


  • Vidhya_2991

    Wow…you guys are simply awesome..Iam a regular visitor to your website and find that you keep adding new things on a regular basis..The website is well-designed and user friendly and hence easy to navigate…further the content is equally comprehensive..Iam particularly impressed with MadeSimple, Aikyatha Exclusive and PIB Compilations..Keep up the good work guys..


    Your madesimple is very helpful for aspirants like me. Getting important articles at one place compiled from different sources is a boon, as it saves time.

    • aikyatha

      Thanks Chaithra. Ur encouraging words motivate us

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