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Anthropology Test Series - CSE 17

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Anthropology is among the best optional subjects to prefer for the Civil Services Mains examination. Unlike subjects like Public Administration and Geography, this subject isn't subject to vagaries. Much like irrigated agriculture Vs. Monsoon! If you read quite well and write decently, some minimum marks are kind of assured in Anthropology.


The second interesting thing is the subject itself. It is anything but boring. A wise man once said that taking an optional subject is like taking a wife and not a girl friend. You have to be ready for the long haul! Anthropolgy, because of its diversity and it ever changing nature, is quite interesting to study.


There is sufficient study material also available in the market for studying Anthropology. One might have to make a wise choice of study material after sufficient consultation in this regard. 


An associated problem in Anthropology is that of teachers who can teach all the topics of Anthropology sufficiently well. This is because of the inherent nature of the subject which encompasses almost all aspects of human endeavour across time and space. Self study comes to the rescue here. 


However, it helps if you take a test series and evaluate yourself and your preparation regularly. 


So, we at Aikyatha, decided to collaborate with VAID ICS in Delhi to bring out an Online Test Series for Anthropology optional. VAID ICS is among the popular names in Delhi for Anthropology and hope this endeavour is found useful. 



Test Schedule


Test - 1 Social Cultural July 1/2, 2017
Test - 2 Physical  July 15/16, 2017
Test - 3 Comprehensive Paper 1 July 22/23, 2017
Test - 4 Indian August 5/6, 2017
Test - 5 Tribal August 19/20, 2017
Test - 6 Comprehensive Paper 2

August 26/27, 2017



Each test will be followed by telephonic discussion and doubt clearing session with Mr. N K Vaid


The course is inclusive of Anthropology reading material comprising of 5 books and around 300 pages of photocopied material from journals, newspapers etc.


There will be doubt clearing sessions with Mr. N K Vaid viv-a-vis the study material.


In case, the aspirant would have to appear in the 2018 Civil Services Main exam as well by any chance, then the updated material for the same shall be sent to the aspirant along with a provision for further doubt clearing sessions.


Any doubts/concerns in this regard may be cleared by calling us at: 9035467119 


Read more about Anthropology as an optional here: Anthropology