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Essay Test Series - C S (Mains) 2017

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Unlike the other papers of the Civil Services Mains examinations, essay paper is very easy to score marks. Only if you know how to, that is!


Most of the reading which is required for writing a couple of essays would have been done while reading either the General Studies papers or the optional subjects/ both. The only thing which is left out is the writing skill which is required to produce a good essay.


We all know that there has to be an introduction and a conclusion and a body in between these two. But why is there such parity in the marks that people eventually get? Is it because of the proficiency in the English language? Or is it because of the content or lack of it? Or is there any trick/tricks which some people know and some others don't?


The answer includes all of these and probably many more factors. However much one may know, when one starts putting pen on paper, things do not always pan out as originally desired either because of the time constraint in the exam or the stress associated. The only practical way of overcoming such issues is to practise a lot before attempting the essays in the examination. In doing so, we can rediscover our strengths and weaknesses and overcome the same.


It is for the same reason that we have come up with an Essay Test series. And who else is more suited to conduct the same than the fellows who have actually been through all these travails themselves! 


Hope the course fulfills a void in the course of preparation for the examination!


bonne chance!



Course details:

Varun B R has scored 122/200, 82/200, 148/250, 145/250 in Civil Services examinations

Chaitanya A has scored 152/250 in Civil Services (Mains) 2014


The course will begin from July 10.

Max. intake: 20

Total no. of Tests: 10