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Ethics (GS - 4) Discussion CSE 2017

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Rather than the amount of information one has gathered, this particular paper requires some answer writing skill. The case studies are meant to check the response of the aspirant in a high stress environment and in a limited period of time. These questions can be answered well with sufficient answer writing practice and relevant feedback. 


The GS Paper 4 paper is still new, even after 3 years. People are still figuring out how to score well here. We thought its best if those who have actually scored well in the exams are able to guide those who are aspiring to score well.


Owing to the number of queries we have received regarding this particular module, we have decided to not restrict its scope by making it a test series benefiting a few but rather make it an open platform for everyone to be benefited.


We have requested Abhinav to take part and share his strategies and plans which worked in this paper.


Hope it helps!