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General Studies (Paper 3) - CS (Mains) 2017 - Kiran

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General Studies


If one observes the marking pattern in the last few years, GS has been the game changer. Despite the vast syllabus, it has a great potential to fetch high marks. And going forward it would play even a bigger role in Mains.


One needs to be thorough with static portions and keep on updating the dynamic aspects of it. For instance, Land reforms ( Paper 3 ) needs one to be aware of the history of Land reforms in India , reasons for its success and failure in different parts of the country, latest land acquisition act and critical analysis of the same.       


Further, answer writing plays a key role in scoring high marks in GS. Some important pointers in this regard would be as follows:


  1. Answering precisely to the question without beating around the bush.
  2. Each sub-question within a question must be addressed without fail. And it should be evident to the evaluator that one has addressed all parts of the question.
  3. Linking static/theoretical part of the question with current affairs is very important to get an extra edge.
  4. Facts , examples , case studies wherever required ( For ex : Land acquisition models of Haryana , Amaravathi etc )



General Studies – Paper 3


This paper is the most dynamic with respect to the variety of questions that can be asked. But it gives one an advantage with respect to answer writing.


Major subdivisions – Indian economy ( + infrastructure ) ,  Agriculture and related , science and Technology , Environment and disaster management, Security related issues.


Preparation for this paper mostly depends on current affairs ( News papers ). Economic survey , India year book , IDSA site ( for security related issues ) etc


Each topic in the syllabus must be prepared in combination ( static + current affairs portion ). For instance : Investment models ( BOT , DBFO etc as static portions and swiss challenge method , Hybrid annuity as current ones . Critical analysis of them . International comparison, PPP suitability and respective model in India etc )


Important to understand in this paper is how to address a question precisely and bring in larger picture into the answer. For instance a question on Surgical Strikes (2016) should address the need of question and also encapsulate the larger issue of cross border terrorism and security threats in subcontinent.


So, writing practice plays an important role as far as this paper is concerned. For that to happen it is crucial to make notes while reading newspapers in adjacent to respective topics. And one should update it as and when one encounters related facts, examples. And regular revision would help in framing an answer which is multi dimensional, content rich and brings in larger picture into play.


Kiran S would be holding a Test Series for General Studies Paper 3


This Test series involves Evaluation, Feedback and Telephonic discussion.


Total intake: 20