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Sociology Test Series - CS (Mains) 2017 - Kiran

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Sociology is one of the most sought after optional in civil service exams. The reasons being its ability to reward with good marks and it's influence on essay and general studies.


Importantly one could cover the syllabus in short time and the themes are very interesting and close to ones daily life .


Having said this, one needs to have right orientation with respect to answer writing in sociology . The answer must not look a generic answer but should have sociological orientation to it . This approach of thinking and answering comes with regular practice of writing answers .


These answers must be rich in their sociological insights, should be able to analyse an issue thread bare and come up with explanation which generally misses out ones common eye.


For instance : sociology of family helps one to understand basic objectives of it . But ones answer must reflect the pattern of changes it is undergoing , it's long term impact on other subjects systems like polity and economy . Gay and lesbian co-parent families have posed a challenge to legal and constitutional system in India . Sociology helps one to understand such issues in more deeper level .


Answer writing in sociology depends on few important factors .

1. Conxeptual clarity especially with respect to sociological thinkers
2. How to write a content rich answer by exploring various sociological dimensions .
3. Facts , examples and case studies and how they help is scrutinizing any social issues and arriving at a generalization.  
4. Linking various topics in paper 1 with paper 2 and vice versa .
5. Importantly having an independent opinion about various issues and the ability to be able to think beyond common sense and analyses the issues on a long term basis .

Thus scoring good marks in sociology needs answer writing practice to hone various skills as said above.


Paper 1 

  3 unit tests 
  1 separate test for Sociological thinkers 
  Rest of the units divided into 4/5 units each will have 2 tests


Paper 2 

  3 unit tests
  1 test dealing with Indian thinkers and caste system.
  Rest 2 tests combining all other chapters


And a full length test for Paper 1 and Paper 2


Totally 8 tests as part of the test series.


Kiran S has scored the following marks in sociology in the Civil Services (Mains) examinations:

2014 - 270

2015 - 246

2016 - 253


The enrolment for the Test series has been kept open...