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General Studies (Paper 3) Test Series - CS (Mains) 2017 - Dileep

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Strategy for GS Paper 3


The potential to score very high in general studies paper 3 is more compared to other papers. This is because, to a large extent, looking at the previous papers, we can easily understand and predict the scope, contours and the nature of questions being asked in GS paper 3. The questions have a pattern. Most of the questions are current affairs based too.


Broadly, GS paper 3 can be divided into 3 major areas:


 (1) Economy

(2) Security issues

(3) Science and technology, environment and disaster management. 


Lets try to look at the areas and nature of questions in these topics. 


(1) The questions on ECONOMY have largely been on following areas:


      (a) Standard and key areas of Indian economy (Jobs,skills, inclusive growth, jobless growth, many FDI related questions)


      (b) Economic reforms oriented (DBT, GST, FRBM)


      (c) Agriculture, cropping, Irrigation (questions on micro irrigation, livestock)


      (d) Infrastructure and industries (Renewable energy, SEZs etc)


      (e) Important initiatives of the day (Make in india, gold schemes,smart cities)



(2) Coming to SECURITY, more focus these days have been on cyber security (cyber threats, guidelines, policy) and border management  and some questions on extremism related topics also. Proper preparation and strategy will yield very good marks in this area. 


     New and current topics are being asked which can be easily answered if we follow the current affairs little diligently (eg: hot pursuit, surgical strikes etc). Infact, the preparation of international relations of GS 2 will also come in handy (eg: CPEC issue, ISIS issue etc).


(3)  The third area is S&T, environment and disaster management.


       (a) Questions on disaster management more or less have been current based Eg: Kashmir and chennai floods, uttarakhand cloudburst


        (b) Even questions on environment have also focused on topical and popular issues or policy level issues. For eg: Namami ganga, national water policy, go and no go zones of mining, green corridors. 


        (c)  Regarding S&T, besides some standard areas like nanotechnology, patents and IPR issues, current areas like IRNSS of space, 3D printing,drug resistant diseases etc have been asked. Therefore current developments in standard areas remains the focus. 


Having discussed about the areas of questions, let's see why taking a test series or some writing practice in this paper matters a lot.


1. To fetch good marks, besides mere information, need to have good presentation. Need to know the keywords of a topic and also how to substantiate your answers.


2. Exploring different dimensions of an answer is important. i.e. need to practice writing a holistic answer because in economy and security, there is huge possibility to explore different dimensions as there are many stakeholders.


3. For better integration of standard issues of GS 3 with current developments, writing practice is very much needed.


4. Its only with writing practice that one can see how well could one use the information of economic survey and macro economic data available to improve the quality of answers.



Dileep Kumar has scored Rank 415 in the Civil Services Examinations 2015 and 100 marks in the GS paper


Max. Intake: 10

Total Number of Tests: 4 


The Test Series is starting from the second week of July